Mussels and Prawns

I spent this week trying on a diet my friend DrM suggested. He lost a lot of weight just by not eating starch. Extreme times call for extreme measures as they say and with the re-encounter of Mr N approaching, I only had a week to look my best.

So there I was, last Sunday evening, after a wedding reception on Saturday night where I avoided eating some amazing desserts, trying to find something to cook for dinner. A bowl of pasta would be ideal: quick, easy, tasty, comforty. But alas, I had made an agreement with myself and I had to stick to it. Going through my freezer I got inspired by some big mussels and prawns. Took them out and, as I was debating linguini or no linguini I realized how much more creative one can be when there are restrictions! You end up crafting something completely new, just by using the ingredients that are available/allowed.

At University I created a very interesting “salad” by mixing lunch and dessert ingredients from a diet I was following back then. A boiled potato-boiled egg-slice of toast-apple lunch was transformed into an interesting potato salad with cubed potatoes and apple, breadcrumbs and a liquidly poached egg, all mixed together. I can guarantee, it tastes much better than what it sounds!!

Back to the cooking, the decision was taken: no pasta. A large pot, olive oil, chopped onions. Stir until transparent. Add mussels and prawns, a glass of white wine (I used a good greek wine colleague X gave us), salt and pepper. Close the lid, lower the heat and let them play around. You can help their game by gently shaking the pot. They only need a few minutes and do not overcook as they become rubbery (Mr N can tell you all about our failed last clam pasta!). Open the lid, add a knob of butter, a few chili flakes, fresh parsley and you’re ready to serve. Simplicity at its best. Along with white wine and Will and Grace I forgot all about my pasta cravings.