About Me

My name is Nafsika Papacharalampous and I come from Athens, Greece.

I am a food anthropologist & a trained chef.

I research food and identity, although lately I'm very much interested in food waste. My ethnographic fieldwork in Greece was around traditional foods and their reinvention at modern delis and high-end restaurants, and focused on national identity, memory and links between taste and place, all during the times of economic and social crisis in Athens, Greece. I have also collaborated with Museum Nord in Norway on the 'Skrei Project', and researched the Norwegian coastal cultural identities in the Lofoten Islands.

You can find my book The Metamorphosis of Greek Cuisine: An Ethnography of Deli Foods, Restaurant Smells and Foodways of Crisis here.

I curate culinary experiences, business development strategies, content and recipes for artisan food companies and food organisations. I also create fresh and colourful menus for various food spaces and restaurants. You can have a look at some of the recipes and blog posts that I've created here.

Oh, and you can read about my Greek Sunday Lunch here.

I hold a PhD in Anthropology and an MA in Anthropology of Food from SOAS, University of London, an MBA and an MSc in Accounting and Finance from the Athens University of Economics and Business. For more CV stuff and work experience have a look here, at SOAS, or at University of Thessaly.

And of course, instagram, facebook, twitter.