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Coffee addiction

Desire. Crave. Need. Addiction. It usually begins by feeling slightly agitated. A mild feeling of restlessness settles in. It is very subtle in the beginning. You get on with work, writing, whatever it is you are doing. But it soon reappears. Like a colourful parrot, it pinches you. You stop whatever it is you were doing and stare into the wall. You don’t want to engage with it yet. You go back to work, to your piece of writing. But the parrot becomes more persistent, more colourful. You try to ignore it again. You try to focus on work, on your writing. But you know it’s pointless. It has now spread its blue and green wings and is fluttering all around you. You take off your glasses and place them slowly at your desk. As if moving slower will make it go away. The parrot is now screaming. Your hands are shaking. Your soul is shaking. Where is it? I want to have it. I need to have it.
You start fantasising about it. The feeling of smooth textured beans in your fingers. The scent of coff…

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