A piece of Bangkok in Athens

After a trip to Thailand and a cooking class there a few years ago, I became fascinated by their cuisine. To be honest, I had never tasted thai food before as it was not (and still isn’t yet) so popular or available in Athens. And tasting a curry for the first time was an experience I will never forget. It might sound strange, coming from someone who had never tasted curry before, but I felt like being at home. The complexity of the flavour was balancing perfectly hot, spicy, sweet and citrus elements, creating a new and sublime experience for me.

Since then my cupboard always has coconut milk, green or red curry paste, noodles, fish and soy sauce and noodles. Inspired by the thai curry I’ve created my own dish. A bit of coconut milk and curry paste in the wok. Then, chicken or prawns, whatever is available and whatever you’re in the mood for. A few veggies like corn, red peppers or peas. One fresh chili from the balcony (or chili flakes) to spice up things. Stirring quickly add the fish sauce, brown sugar, a pinch of ginger, kaffir lime leaves and the rest of the coconut milk. A bit of chicken, fish or vegetable stock (depending on the main ingredient), and then the noodles. (If you want a “soupy” curry just add more stock). A quick stir for a few minutes and quickly remove from the heat! You don’t want the noodles to absorb all the liquid and overcook! Add bean sprouts if you like (I adore them but I’m always left with half a can, unsure what to do with it). Serve with fresh coriander leaves and a generous squeeze of lime juice. Grab the soy sauce and it’s time for dinner! Don’t forget the chopsticks and the traditional thai spoon!