Ruby Beetroot

After a few hectic weeks at work, a secret weekend to London and two inspiring cooking classes, last week I got back into my routine of experimenting with food. That is the beauty of cooking classes. Even if life is extremely busy, you get an incredible inspiration and remember how much you love and need to cook. Be it beetroot in the form of a sweet sauce, accompanying magnificently a pumpkin crème or be it a cheesecake base made with pine nuts and paximadi (traditional hard bread baked from corn, barley and rye) instead of the usual digestive biscuits, cooking classes always open new doors of discovery. Doors, that often you didn’t know existed.

Back in my kitchen, it was beetroot time! I was always really fond of beetroot. Dad F was the one who introduced me to that treasure of rubies and we both enjoy beetroot, especially with fresh grilled fish. I love their sweet deep flavor but so far I had only tasted them boiled, with olive oil and vinegar.

Using the method I picked up at the cooking class (boil beetroot in orange juice instead of water), I decided to try something new with my old beetroot salad: ruby orange-boiled beetroot, goat cheese, fresh orange slices, orange zest and chives tossed in a very light honey-mustard vinaigrette.

Amazing what difference a few extra ingredients can make…Salad didn’t look as good as it tasted as everything turned red – food for thought for next time. But the sweetness of the beetroot complemented perfectly the citrus and the tangy taste of the goat cheese. I would be vey interested to try out other types of cheese like feta or mozzarella and maybe add a little spinach to the salad. Or what about lemon instead of orange juice? Would that go? What do you think dear reader?

I served my salad with grilled chicken with orange zest, chives and a drizzle of honey for a simple yet different mid week dinner. And this time I did manage to cook for one! Well…apart from the leftover orange-boiled beetroot that is currently filling a glass container in my fridge…:)