Stone Fruit Lattice Pie and Goodbye

Saying goodbye to Athens and to its very hot summer, I used my parents’ kitchen for one last time to make a Stone Fruit Lattice Pie. The fresh peaches and plums smelled like summer and the pie was the perfect finale to a lovely goodbye lunch before flying to London.

As I was carefully following the instructions to make the lattice crust, mama K was telling me how when she was young they learned things like this at school. Discussing it with Mr N, he also mentioned that in Johannesburg, where he grew up, they had a Home Economics class where boys learned to craft wood and metal and girls learned how to knit and cook.

But cooking is for everyone! So wouldn’t it be wonderful if schools had cooking classes so that kids and teenagers learn the basics on cooking? Or even include some Food History? How amazing would that be?

But until that time comes, let me continue unpacking my knives and the rest of my kitchen utensils so that we can start doing some proper cooking. London style this time! ;)

Enjoy the photos!


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