The British flapjack

I very much enjoy indulging in all things British while I’m living in London: the crispy cold weather, walking to Russel Square with my warm woolen scarf, ordering tea and always being offered milk, discovering new vegetables like kohlrabi at Borough Market, spending hours at the supermarket trying to understand why there are so many ready-made meals and getting excited always finding fresh lemongrass or coriander to cook Thai.

With Rhubarb still on the list of British things that I haven’t cooked and Marmite on the list of British things that I tasted once and hated but needs another chance, I am now making flapjacks for the first time! And for a good cause: We are organizing an event to promote our University’s Recipe Book, in which I am leading the Recipe Development Team!

Having only tasted flapjacks twice in my life (store bought at the library and some delicious homemade ones brought in my Anthropology of Food class by Blonde A.) - I set off to make my own. And what’s to go wrong? Oats: nice! Butter: Even nicer! Golden Syrup: Divine! Optimistic that the failed pumpkin incident last week was a onetime unfortunate event, I enter the kitchen with confidence and joy. I have been waiting for this all week: an hour, on my own, with my favorite music and a new recipe. A cathartic process that helps me find my center and makes me incredibly happy.

I have been cooking a lot this past week: sausages (bangers to be more British) with onion gravy, beef stew with beer and tomato, tagliatelle with tarragon and crème fresh. However, nothing can compare to trying something new - the thrill and excitement that comes with experimenting.

Banana golden syrup flapjacks turned out quite tasty. I am not sure how they are supposed to taste so that helps my verdict! Having eaten all the broken ones that were not presentable I feel quite full. And fulfilled. I couldn’t have done it though without Mr N, who went to the grocery store twice to bring me all the things I had forgotten to buy (because who can remember they are running out of tin foil?!)

With all the flapjacks neatly packed for tomorrow, I will leave you with Julia Child: “The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking (and in life, I add) you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude”.

I am slowly building that attitude dear reader, with Julia’s words in mind and with Mr N by my side, always here to bring me the extra sugar I need, and always believing in me, even when I lose my faith...So no more fear of failure dear reader; just cooking!!!


  1. Great recipe Miss N! Those look beautiful.

  2. yum!!! (and love the Mr. N tinfoil run!) Sorry I didn't make it to the Recipe Book promotion at SOAS on Wednesday - tough exam day!! Any chance you're still looking for recipes? Could my mom's candy cane cookies make the cut? :)


  3. Thanks for your comments ladies! Kelly of course, I'll send you the details :)

  4. love this blog, nafsika! i just sent the recipe form to my aunts in the US (the greek side) for their wonderful recipes...Thalia


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