Soviet Cheffing in London

Yes, dear reader, the time has come!

Join me for yet another culinary adventure. Thanks to two wonderful women, this time I am cheffing at a pop-up restaurant in London. But not at any pop-up restaurant: this is an underground journey into 1920's Soviet Russia. Yes, it is as enchanting as it sounds.

So wear your apron, sharpen your knife (trust me, there is nothing more embarrassing than walking into a professional kitchen realising that you forgot to sharpen your knife and you have to go around asking for something you-don't-even-remember-how-it's-called-in-English, and end up mumbling: you have a...[waiving knife at other chef]...

...and join me in...

...The year of 1924. Moscow.

Behind the austere front of empty shelves, there is a shadow system of Aladdin-like luxury provisions and semi-legal underground restaurants…

From 18th May until 8th June, on Friday and Saturday evenings only, Russian Revels are taking over a desolate pub in Clerkenwell to invite you into the exuberant world of Soviet 1920s.

Russian Revels bring together dining and immersive theatre, with a delicious doze of dark humour. Led by two charming revolutionaries, they are transforming the image of Eastern-European food and culture in London, by serving light, luscious and sexy Slavic dishes.

But to get in, you’ll first have to deal with some of its larger-than-life characters: from shifty dealers wearing lacquered shoes to ethereal komsomolka girls and proletarian poets…

Your reward will be a sumptuous five-course dinner, immersive theatre and a different cabaret act that only the most deserving and the most undeserving could attain.

For more details:

Of course, adventures to follow!