Eating Habits, Day 1

Feb 10th,2010 16.11, at work.

Last night's dinner included M&S linguini, ready made Barilla sauce with smoked cheese and aubergine (was too tired to cook), red wine, bread. For dessert I had a Kinder Bueno. Love that Barilla sauce. Just discovered it last week. I never used those ready made pasta sauces before but this one is something else…

Breakfast this morning: Starbucks Grande Tazo Chai, Monoprix muesli with low fat milk. Was craving for a butter croissant but decided to diet.

Snacks so far: 1 piece of dark chocolate with hazelnuts, 1 biscuit covered with chocolate, a cup of black coffee with sweet n low (needed something to wake me up), lots of water from my glass 500ml bottle which I refill with tap water.

Thinking of cooking steak for dinner. Will see...