Hot summer afternoon at work


I’m sitting at my desk, feeling drained. Another boring day at work has almost reached to an end as I’ll be leaving in exactly 43 minutes.


Summer is here in Athens, Greece and I find myself sweating all the time. After the first heat wave you kind of get used to it so now I secretly enjoy walking in the hot sun, feeling the heat around me. August in Athens is also very quiet as everyone is away on holidays. So there is basically noone around which also means there is no family and friends to see. This, I must admit, makes me feel free..I think I like being alone for a change.

Plans for the afternoon:

Finish reading Bon Appétit magazine. Sort our a drawer. Cook dinner if we don’t order in sushi. Finish the movie with Bruce Willis we started watching two days ago. The “we” is me and Mr N. We spend these hot summer days at his house as it has air-conditioning. I think we both enjoy the temporary moving-in.