Macaroni and Cheese as food for thought

We didn’t eat the chicken-zucchini-corn dinner that night. Mr N was craving Macaroni and Cheese: “it reminds me of my childhood, can you please make it, I’ve never managed to make a proper cheese sauce myself” – who can resist an argument/challenge like that? And so, for the first time ever I set off to make mac and cheese. For you see, I am Greek so this isn’t really a food we usually cook. Thankfully, Saveur magazine had a special on comfort food so, after a trip to the supermarket, I started cooking.

Recipe and photos to follow but I must say that a pinch of paprika makes a huge difference in taste. I was very impressed because the cheese sauce came out perfect: creamy with no lumps whatsoever. The kitchen was a mess afterwards (thank God for the maid coming in) but I very much enjoyed it. Mr N was amazed by the result and ate 3 plates. The next day he ate the macaroni for breakfast claiming that it is better served cold :)

While eating my second bowl of pasta I started thinking about comfort food…Although quite obvious, I find it somewhat strange that comfort food is linked to something completely different in each person’s mind. I’m reading that millions of people find comfort in eating mac and cheese yet this dish, though delicious, is not something I’d choose on a bad day.

It all comes down to this: comfort food is what brings us peace. Whether it is something our parents used to cook that brings back childhood memories (for Mr N it is the dishes his dad prepared for him in their restaurant after hours), whether it is the first dishes we cook (for me there’s nothing better than a plate of pasta with tomato sauce, onions and bacon, pieces of mozzarella and grated cheese, one of the first pastas I ever made successfully and kept making for years since) or simply junk food because let’s face it, nothing beats a Mac Donald’s cheeseburger, comfort food is unique for each person. At the end of the day we choose to eat foods that are linked to out memories and to our past and what I find most interesting is how different these food choices are. I guess they are as different as we are…